Dua Lipa Does Headstand in Heels for Vogue's 73 Questions

Nov 5, 2021


In a stunning display of flexibility and strength, Dua Lipa recently graced the cover of Vogue's 73 Questions while performing a headstand in heels. This awe-inspiring feat not only showcased her physical prowess but also highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong musculoskeletal system. As leaders in orthopedic care, Bowling Orthopaedics is here to provide expert insights into the physical demands of such an impressive performance.

The Yoga Routine behind Dua Lipa's Headstand

Behind Dua Lipa's headstand in heels lies a rigorous yoga routine that deserves admiration. With precise body control and balance, she flawlessly executed this challenging pose. Let's take a closer look at the key elements of this routine:

1. Developing Core Strength and Stability

Core strength is fundamental for maintaining balance and stability during headstands. Dua Lipa's routine likely incorporates exercises targeted at strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, as well as the inner core muscles that support the spine.

2. Enhancing Flexibility

Flexibility plays a vital role in achieving the perfect form for a headstand. Yoga poses that focus on opening the shoulders, lengthening the spine, and increasing hamstring and hip flexibility are essential components of Dua Lipa's yoga routine.

3. Building Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength is crucial for maintaining balance and control during headstands. Dua Lipa likely includes exercises such as push-ups, forearm planks, and dolphin pose variations to strengthen her arms, shoulders, and upper back.

Orthopedic Insights from Bowling Orthopaedics

As orthopedic specialists, we understand the intricate relationship between physical performance and the health of the musculoskeletal system. Performing a headstand in heels, although impressive, poses potential risks if executed without proper form and technique. Bowling Orthopaedics provides the following insights:

1. Proper Alignment and Technique

Achieving correct alignment and technique is crucial to prevent injuries during headstands. This involves engaging the appropriate muscles, maintaining a straight line from head to toe, and distributing the body weight evenly.

2. Gradual Progression and Training

Headstand variations should be approached gradually, allowing the body to adapt and strengthen over time. Training under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor can help avoid overexertion and reduce the risk of accidents.

3. Listen to Your Body

Paying close attention to your body's signals is essential when attempting advanced yoga poses like headstands. Listen to any discomfort or pain and modify or discontinue the pose if necessary. Consulting with a qualified orthopedic specialist at Bowling Orthopaedics can provide valuable guidance.


Dua Lipa's impressive headstand in heels for Vogue's 73 Questions cover serves as a reminder of the incredible physical abilities of the human body. It is essential, however, to approach such feats with caution and proper training. Bowling Orthopaedics encourages a holistic approach to physical well-being, emphasizing the significance of strength, flexibility, and orthopedic care. As you embark on your own fitness journey, remember to prioritize your musculoskeletal health and consult with experts who can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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