Supreme Nike Air Humara Release Date

Jan 18, 2018

Welcome to Bowling Orthopaedics, your go-to destination for all things related to sports and footwear. We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates on the highly anticipated release of the Supreme Nike Air Humara. Mark your calendars because the release date is just around the corner!

What is the Supreme Nike Air Humara?

The Supreme Nike Air Humara is the newest addition to the Supreme x Nike collaboration lineup. This collaboration brings together the iconic streetwear brand Supreme and Nike, a household name in athletic footwear. The Air Humara, originally released in 1998, receives a modern and stylish makeover with Supreme's unique touch.

This limited-edition sneaker combines style with functionality, making it the perfect choice for urban exploration and outdoor adventures. The Supreme Nike Air Humara is designed to withstand the toughest terrains, providing excellent support, traction, and comfort.

Features of the Supreme Nike Air Humara

The Supreme Nike Air Humara boasts a range of impressive features that set it apart from other sneakers on the market. Here's what you can expect:

  • Durable construction: The shoe is made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and withstand harsh conditions.
  • Enhanced traction: The outsole is equipped with a rugged pattern that offers exceptional grip on various terrains.
  • Responsive cushioning: The Air Humara features Nike's signature Air-Sole unit, which provides responsive cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • Stylish design: Supreme's design aesthetics are evident in the shoe's unique colorways and branding.
  • Weather-resistant: The Supreme Nike Air Humara offers protection against the elements, making it suitable for any season.

Release Date and Availability

The release date for the Supreme Nike Air Humara is set for November 2. It will be exclusively available on, so make sure to visit the website on the day of the release to secure your pair. As with any highly anticipated release, it's important to act fast as stock may be limited.

At Bowling Orthopaedics, we understand the excitement surrounding this release, and we want to make sure you are well prepared. Our team will provide regular updates on the Supreme Nike Air Humara release, including any changes or additional information that may arise.

How to Style the Supreme Nike Air Humara

The Supreme Nike Air Humara is a versatile sneaker that can be styled in various ways. Here are some outfit suggestions to help you make the most out of your new kicks:

1. Casual Streetwear

Pair your Supreme Nike Air Humara with distressed jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a bomber jacket for the ultimate streetwear look. Opt for bold colors to match the shoe's vibrant design.

2. Sporty Chic

Elevate your athleisure game by teaming the Air Humara with joggers, a cropped sweatshirt, and a sporty backpack. This combination offers both comfort and style.

3. Outdoorsy Adventure

If you're planning a hiking or camping trip, the Supreme Nike Air Humara is the perfect companion. Pair it with outdoor essentials like cargo pants, a waterproof jacket, and a durable backpack.


The Supreme Nike Air Humara is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. With its unique design, durability, and functionality, it's no wonder sneakerheads and outdoor enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting its release.

Stay tuned to Bowling Orthopaedics for the latest updates on the Supreme Nike Air Humara release. November 2 is just around the corner, so make sure to mark your calendars and visit to secure your pair. Don't miss out on this iconic collaboration that combines style, innovation, and performance!

Elias Abdo
I'm ready to cop those 🔥 Supreme Nike Air Humara kicks!
Nov 8, 2023
Alicia Russman
The countdown to the release day is a wild ride. It's a mix of anxiety and exhilaration for everyone eagerly awaiting the launch.
Oct 20, 2023
Delores Samuels
🔥 Can't wait to cop the Supreme Nike Air Humara! 👟
Oct 6, 2023
Robb Lucas
I'm preparing emotionally and mentally for the release day chaos. It's all part of the sneaker game!
Sep 13, 2023
Kieron Deane
I'm setting an alarm for the release date. Can't miss out on these!
Aug 25, 2023
John Stith
I've prepared my autofill details and payment info in advance. It's all about speed and efficiency on release day.
Aug 10, 2023
Young Pak
I'm curious to see if there will be any regional exclusives for this release. It always adds an extra layer of excitement.
Aug 6, 2023
Kristy Fenton
The lead-up to the release always has me feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. It's a rollercoaster of emotions!
Jul 30, 2023
Vicky Santen
The Supreme Nike Air Humara look like they're going to be a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts.
Jul 30, 2023
Alquinn Fabro
I've got a feeling this release is going to sell out within minutes. Better set multiple alarms!
Jun 24, 2023
Sabrina Sablan
I've set a reminder on my phone for the release date. Not taking any chances on missing out on these.
May 28, 2023
Bintu Rawal-
I'm ready to hit refresh until the sneakers appear on the website. The excitement is building up!
May 16, 2023
Barry Burnham
I'm hoping for a clean, versatile colorway that I can rock with multiple outfits. Fingers crossed for some timeless options.
Apr 9, 2023
Rich Merrill
I'm a huge fan of Supreme and Nike collaborations. Looking forward to seeing the design and colorways.
Mar 31, 2023
Allan Mayman
I hope the release day goes smoothly for everyone, allowing genuine fans and enthusiasts a fair chance to secure a pair.
Mar 16, 2023
Cassi Greenlee
I've been waiting for this release for so long! Can't wait to get my hands on a pair. 💯
Feb 23, 2023
Martin Lutherking
I hope the release day doesn't get overshadowed by technical issues or site crashes. Fingers crossed for a smooth process!
Feb 23, 2023
Sheila Morelli, PRC, CSSR, CIR
I hope the release day process is efficient without any glitches or slowdowns. Every second counts when the demand is this high.
Feb 18, 2023
Daniel Orosco
The release date is right around the corner. The hype is building up to a crescendo!
Feb 14, 2023
Rick Assman
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Feb 10, 2023
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The countdown to the release always brings a mix of excitement and nerves. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
Jan 24, 2023
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I've been saving up for this release. It's going to be a game changer for my collection.
Nov 17, 2022
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Nov 12, 2022
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Nov 11, 2022
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The early glimpses of the sneakers are adding to the excitement. I can't wait to see the full reveal and release date details.
Oct 22, 2022
Chris Faulkner
I wonder if the release will include any surprise accessories or extras. Sometimes they drop unexpected add-ons alongside the main product.
Sep 26, 2022
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Sep 18, 2022
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Jul 8, 2022
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It's been a while since I've been this excited for a sneaker release. The Supreme collaboration always brings something special to the table.
Jun 30, 2022
Hj5whj6 Hj5whj6
The sneaker community is buzzing with excitement for this release. Can't wait to see the social media frenzy!
Jun 13, 2022
Tom Daulton
It's going to be a hectic release day for sure. Better be prepared to act fast if I want a chance at getting these.
Jun 11, 2022
William Drake
The hype for this release is reaching new levels. The anticipation is palpable in the sneaker community.
Jun 5, 2022
Thierry Branche
I wonder if there will be any surprise colorways or materials that haven't been leaked yet. Always exciting to discover new details on release day.
Apr 29, 2022
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Apr 15, 2022
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Feb 18, 2022
Atul Ramachandran
I hope the release day is accompanied by engaging and interactive digital content to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.
Feb 3, 2022
Axel Vischer
I hope the release isn't too limited. It's always disappointing when many fans miss out due to low stock.
Jan 16, 2022
Ann Inman
I hope the release day offers some exclusive digital content or experiences to complement the physical product.
Dec 14, 2021
Steven Flores
I hope the release limits the purchase quantity per person to give genuine fans a fair chance of securing a pair.
Dec 4, 2021
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Sep 26, 2021
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Aug 17, 2021
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Aug 3, 2021
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The resell market is going to be wild for these. It's a shame that many genuine fans will miss out on retail prices.
Jul 26, 2021
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Jul 24, 2021
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Jul 9, 2021
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May 21, 2021
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May 11, 2021
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May 2, 2021
Brian You
Really hoping these are as comfortable as they look!
Apr 25, 2021
Jessica Aguilar
I hope we get a good variety of sizes in stock on release day. It's essential for serving a wide customer base.
Apr 15, 2021
Michela Coyne
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Apr 4, 2021
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Apr 4, 2021
Sato Wood
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Feb 7, 2021
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Dec 25, 2020
Kanwar Saluja
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Dec 10, 2020
Chris Douglas
I hope the release goes smoothly without any technical issues. Can't afford to miss out on these!
Dec 3, 2020
Marc Susskind
The Supreme x Nike collaborations have been top-tier in the past. Anticipating the same level of quality and design with this release.
Nov 23, 2020
Michelle Histand
I've been seeing sneak peeks and leaks all over social media. The excitement is palpable!
Nov 7, 2020
nicholas brownrigg
I wonder if there will be any exclusive apparel dropping alongside the shoes. Would love to see some matching gear.
Oct 26, 2020
Danielle Alvarez
I'm excited to see the creative ways in which people will style and showcase their Supreme Nike Air Humara once they snag a pair.
Oct 19, 2020
Matt McLochlin
I wonder if there will be any creative storytelling behind the design inspiration for this collaboration. Always adds an interesting layer to the release.
Oct 15, 2020
Tim Bromley
I hope there's a fair distribution of stock across different regions. No one should miss out due to regional limitations.
Sep 20, 2020
Mary Mackey
I wonder if there will be any surprise artist or designer collaborations leading up to the release. It always adds an intriguing twist.
Sep 10, 2020
Bob Blender
The Supreme collaborations always bring a fresh energy to classic Nike designs. Looking forward to seeing the creativity behind this release.
Sep 4, 2020
Buzz Ahmed
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Sep 2, 2020
Susan Grauel
The promotional materials leading up to the release are always an exciting build-up to the big day. Can't wait to see what's in store.
Sep 1, 2020
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The reviews and unboxing videos that follow the release add an exciting post-release element to the whole experience.
Jul 26, 2020
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I hope the release day gives everyone a fair shot at securing a pair. No one should feel left out due to the high demand.
May 14, 2020
Robert Thursby
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Apr 18, 2020
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Feb 28, 2020
Matthew Sandoval
I'm curious to know if there will be any special packaging or details unique to this collaboration.
Feb 25, 2020
The Air Humara is known for its durability and performance. Excited to see how Supreme adds their touch to the design.
Jan 4, 2020
Imad Tareen
Looking forward to seeing the official collaboration images. It's always interesting to see how Supreme puts their stamp on Nike designs.
Dec 24, 2019
Lio Alvina
The colorway on these is fresh. Definitely a must-cop.
Dec 20, 2019
Mark Timm
I've been a longtime fan of the Air Humara line. Looking forward to the Supreme twist on this classic silhouette.
Nov 21, 2019
Phil Duyff
The photos of these sneakers are making the wait even more unbearable. It's going to be a long week leading up to the release.
Oct 31, 2019
I wonder if there will be any surprise announcements leading up to the release. Sometimes they throw in unexpected details.
Oct 28, 2019
Jack Turner
The lead-up to the release is always filled with speculation and excitement. It's a thrilling time for sneaker enthusiasts.
Aug 17, 2019
Marnie Blaser
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Aug 7, 2019
Donna Callahan
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Jul 29, 2019
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Jul 28, 2019
Bonnie Lorence
The logistics of this release have me intrigued. I wonder how they'll handle the expected high demand.
Jul 25, 2019
Chris Baltrinic
I'm expecting some high-quality storytelling and marketing leading up to the release. It's all part of the experience.
Jul 7, 2019
Bill Daughtrey
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Jun 27, 2019
Marcel Margulies
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Jun 4, 2019
Tawana Knight
The anticipation for this release is unlike anything I've experienced before. The whole community is ablaze with excitement.
Apr 11, 2019
Bill Wilcox
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Apr 9, 2019
Gloria Cheng
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Mar 15, 2019
Sybil Ng
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Mar 15, 2019
Rob Howe
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Feb 24, 2019
Anthony Massenburg
I can't wait to cop a pair! The Supreme collab is always 🔥
Dec 25, 2018
Jackie Robbins
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Dec 23, 2018
David Peirson
I hope the release day provides clear and transparent communication to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.
Dec 14, 2018
Jack Wilson
I hope the release day keeps the shopping process clear, efficient, and user-friendly for everyone eagerly waiting to make a purchase.
Dec 11, 2018
Sam Prakash
The design reveals and promo material leading up to the release always add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.
Dec 10, 2018
Jun Young
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Nov 29, 2018
Adelle Connors
The Supreme hype never fails to draw attention. This collaboration is no exception.
Oct 14, 2018
Karen Sharples
I'm usually not one to get caught up in hype, but I have to admit, I'm looking forward to this release.
Sep 19, 2018
Suzanna Zavaleta
I'm hoping for an easily accessible online release. Fingers crossed for a smooth shopping experience.
Sep 5, 2018
Geoffrey Reabold
I wonder if there will be any surprise collaborations or partnerships announced alongside the release. Always adds an element of intrigue.
Jul 5, 2018
Ty Heaps
I wonder if there will be any surprise celebrity endorsements or collaborations leading up to the release.
Jun 29, 2018
Brad Coleman
I hope the release time caters to different time zones to give everyone a fair chance at securing a pair.
Jun 23, 2018
Jacob Gowins
The hype for this release is real. Get ready for the sneaker community to go wild!
Jun 12, 2018
Tony Friend
The Supreme branding always adds a unique touch to Nike silhouettes. Looking forward to the visual impact of this release.
Apr 28, 2018
Larry Ayers
I hope there are no surprise delays or technical issues on the Nike website. Everything needs to run smoothly for this release.
Apr 6, 2018
Megan Nohelty
I'm curious to see how the Supreme branding will be integrated into the design. It's a crucial element for the success of the collaboration.
Mar 13, 2018
David Bourg
I'm looking forward to some detailed close-ups of the design details as the release date draws closer. It's all about the little touches.
Feb 17, 2018
Ana Olizasez
I hope the release provides clear instructions and details to make the shopping experience smooth and efficient for everyone.
Feb 3, 2018
Chris Lee
The anticipation for this release is building up quickly. It's going to be a mad rush on release day!
Jan 23, 2018