JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey Release Date

Dec 25, 2017


Welcome to Bowling Orthopaedics! As a leading orthopaedic clinic in the health industry, we are excited to share with you the release date of the JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey shoes. Our team of orthopaedic specialists understands the importance of comfort and style, especially when it comes to supporting your active lifestyle.

The Collaboration: JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey

Combining the minimalist aesthetics of JJJJOUND with the iconic streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE), the JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey shoes are set to make a statement in the fashion world. These sneakers feature a clean white and grey colorway, showcasing the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.

Release Date

Mark your calendars and get ready for the highly anticipated release of the JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey shoes. The official release date is set for January 31, 2022. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exclusive collaboration that seamlessly merges JJJJOUND's refined aesthetic with BAPE's streetwear influence.

About Bowling Orthopaedics

Bowling Orthopaedics is a reputable orthopaedic clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to individuals seeking optimal musculoskeletal health. Our team of specialized orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, and sports medicine experts work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Orthopaedic Services

At Bowling Orthopaedics, we offer a wide range of orthopaedic services designed to address the unique needs of our patients. Whether you are an athlete looking to recover from a sports injury or an individual seeking relief from joint pain, our team is here to help.

1. Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine experts are well-versed in diagnosing and treating various sports-related injuries. From minor sprains and strains to more complex conditions, we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to enhance recovery and optimize performance.

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If you are experiencing joint pain and limited mobility, our orthopaedic surgeons specialize in joint replacement procedures. We offer advanced surgical options for hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, tailored to meet your specific needs.

3. Fracture Care

Fractures can be distressing, but our skilled orthopaedic team provides expert fracture care to promote proper healing and restore function. We utilize state-of-the-art imaging and advanced fracture fixation techniques to ensure optimal outcomes.

4. Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat various joint conditions. Our orthopaedic surgeons specialize in arthroscopic techniques, allowing for quicker recovery times and minimal scarring.

5. Physical Therapy

As an essential component of orthopaedic care, physical therapy plays a crucial role in rehabilitation and strengthening. Our team of dedicated physical therapists will create personalized treatment plans to help you regain mobility and function.

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Don't miss out on the release of the JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape Bape STA White Grey shoes on January 31, 2022. Visit Bowling Orthopaedics, your trusted orthopaedic clinic, to learn more about our comprehensive orthopaedic services. Our team of specialists is here to help you on your path to optimal musculoskeletal health. Contact us today for more information!

Nicole Winters
Nice collaboration!
Nov 8, 2023
Mufid Ahmad
Looking forward to seeing the detailed craftsmanship of these shoes.
Oct 30, 2023
Corey Walsh
Looking forward to seeing the official release and availability of these shoes!
Oct 3, 2023
Leo Leonetti
I appreciate the attention to both style and health in this collaboration.
Sep 13, 2023
Beatriz Au��_��_n Hell��_n
This collaboration is definitely catching my attention. Looking forward to more details!
Aug 26, 2023
Steve Nordstrom
I wonder if these shoes will have any special features for orthopedic support.
Aug 5, 2023
Naveena Tripurana
I appreciate the blend of style and health-conscious design in these shoes.
Jul 13, 2023
Anand Chauhan
It's exciting to see how the worlds of orthopaedics and fashion are intersecting with this collaboration.
Jul 1, 2023
Karen Konawalik
I've heard great things about the comfort and quality of A Bathing Ape shoes.
May 26, 2023
Sadie Maas
The color scheme is perfect for pairing with different outfits.
Mar 1, 2023
Irene Guerra
I wonder if the orthopedic clinic will offer any insights into the design process.
Feb 5, 2023
Lillian Gonzales
I'm curious about the materials used for these shoes.
Jan 27, 2023
Allen Lundy
I have a feeling these shoes will sell out fast.
Sep 4, 2022
Lisa Buehler
Excited to see how these shoes compare to other designer collaborations.
Aug 7, 2022
Leigh Chirgwin
The combination of fashion and orthopedic expertise is intriguing.
Jul 5, 2022
Linda Mead
The white and grey color scheme is simple yet sophisticated. Can't wait to see the full design!
Jun 4, 2022
Wendell Nixon
The collaboration between JJJJOUND and A Bathing Ape is a perfect match.
May 23, 2022
Kevin Moss
I've been waiting for the release date of these shoes. Can't wait to buy a pair!
Apr 9, 2022
Polly Browne
I trust the orthopedic expertise behind these shoes.
Jan 6, 2022
Hasham Alvi
Interested to know if these shoes will have any orthopaedic benefits.
Dec 2, 2021
James McTaggart
I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these stylish shoes!
Oct 18, 2021
Dheeraj Manjunath
I hope these shoes live up to the hype!
May 7, 2021
Chris Kiraly
As someone who values both comfort and style, I'm intrigued by this collaboration.
Apr 5, 2021
Anitha Dallo
The white and grey colorway of the Bape STA shoes looks clean and versatile.
Mar 1, 2021
Zack Hughes
The collaboration between JJJJOUND and A Bathing Ape has definitely sparked my interest.
Feb 16, 2021
Guillermo Ramirez
I wonder if these shoes will have any special orthopaedic features.
Jan 9, 2021
Thomas Brennan
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Dec 4, 2020
Roland Ortega
This collaboration is a great example of innovation in footwear.
Nov 17, 2020
Gwendolyn Mitchell-Byrd
The release date couldn't come soon enough!
Oct 17, 2020
Dan Andre
I'm curious about the design details and materials used in these shoes.
Sep 29, 2020
Sydney Kroupa
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Sep 17, 2020
John Grubbs
The JJJJOUND x A Bathing Ape shoes seem like a great addition to any sneaker collection.
Aug 30, 2020
Natalie Ungvari
These shoes are definitely going to make a statement.
Jun 6, 2020
Jeremy Williams
The white and grey colorway is so clean and versatile.
May 15, 2020
Zohra Constantino
I'm hoping the sizing will be accommodating for orthopedic needs.
Apr 23, 2020
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I'm always on the lookout for fashionable and comfortable footwear. These shoes seem promising.
Dec 26, 2019
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Jun 22, 2018
Not Provided
The collaboration between JJJJOUND and A Bathing Ape is a game-changer.
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Mar 12, 2018